“I believe that camp is an important place where children can be themselves”

Steve Scott, Children’s & Family Support Manager at our YMCA, has worked with YMCAs all over the world. From Greater Hartford’s legendary Camp Jewell in America, to Victoria YMCA’s Camp Mayung in Australia and Fairthorne Manor in Southampton – Steve is a bit of an expert when it comes to YMCA camps and holiday clubs.

We asked Steve why he thinks camp is so great. This is what he said…

YMCA and its camps programmes have been an important part of my life since 2007. It has completely changed my outlook on life, giving me a new direction and completely new career path. I originally looked at camp as an escape from the ‘real world’; a nice get-away from my studies at university before settling down to a career.

YMCA camps soon became much more than just an escape. I found the experience of working with young people, and sharing in their journey of self-discovery, helped me to understand what I was truly capable of. YMCA camps are something I passionately believe in. I have been lucky enough to work for YMCAs around the world, forging a new career path, which 10 years ago, I didn’t know even existed.

I believe that camp is an important place where children can be themselves; where they can feel safe trying new things and exploring what they really hold dear. It’s a place that is free from judgement. At YMCA day camps and Camp Williams we encourage children to push themselves whilst learning at their own pace. Yet, even more than learning new, sometimes unusual and difficult skills; camp allows children of various ages to interact and engage with each other and to support each other as they learn. It is these informal social interactions that make camp so important.

At camp, children learn about life; they learn through play; through shared values; they learn about themselves and how other people work.

We believe that every child should be able to experience camp and have amazing opportunities to learn, grow and of course have fun! We also understand that not everyone has the means to attend camp. That is where our scholarships come in, helping make camp financially accessible to all. The YMCA believes in inclusivity, and embraces the diversity and cultural differences that make us all so unique. Camp provides a rare opportunity for these broad diverse cultures to meet and learn from one another, on a level playing field.

Camp Williams and Kimberley Camp will be running every school holiday this year, including February half term which runs from Monday 13th – Friday 17th February.

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