Nottingham Street Pastors are a group of volunteers working alongside emergency services, providing on-street care and support for night-time visitors to Nottingham’s city centre.

Set up in 2010, Nottingham Street Pastors is a multi-church response to urban night-time problems with the aim to ensure a safer experience and improve Nottingham’s nightlife. With thousands of people visiting the city on an average weekend, over 60 volunteers representing 40 Nottinghamshire churches patrol the streets of Nottingham city centre in teams of three on a Friday and Saturday between the hours of 10pm to 3am, offering practical, non-judgemental and compassionate help to the vulnerable and those in need of assistance.

Street Pastors hand out preventative supplies such as water, lollipops and flip flops and can provide emergency first-aid when someone’s night out takes a turn for the worst, helping relieve pressure from door staff, the Police and other emergency services.

Download our latest Sign Posting booklet for Street Pastors programme below.

Street Pastors Signposting Booklet

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Could you listen to someone who is lonely? Offer a smile, an ear and a kind word to someone under the influence of alcohol and has lost their friend? Are you able to diffuse a situation before it gets out of hand by talking down a fight? 

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Street Pastors Volunteer Application Form

1. introduction

Important!: Please read all the information before you complete this application. We want to ensure that the recruitment process is equally accessible to applicants with disabilities. So if you would like us to make any arrangements in this respect, please let us know.

A. Be a professing Christian.
B. Be over 18 years of age.
C. Be committed to a local church in fellowship with the wider Christian community in the area.
D. Have a positive reference from the leader of that church confirming that they would be suitable to be a Street Pastor and that they are currently leading a Christian lifestyle.
E. Be subject to an Enhanced DBS Check.


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