Housing Support

YMCA Goole is a supported branch of Nottinghamshire YMCA, delivering temporary supported accommodation for homeless young people in Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire. The hostel accommodation features fully furnished rooms and a shared living area and kitchen for residents.

Transitional houses are shared homes in the community for adults with low support needs.

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YMCA Goole
Edinburgh Court
Edinburgh Street

DN14 5EH


Email: julie@gooleymca.co.uk

Call: 01405 780578

Who do we help?

Young single homeless people aged 16-25 with support needs are encouraged to get in touch with us to apply for temporary accommodation in our main hostel.

Priority will be given to people with a local connection to the East Riding of Yorkshire. Key facilities in our hostel include a community room with pool table, laundry facilities and a shared kitchen.

Depending on the individual’s needs, adult applicants may be allocated a place in our transitional houses, which are shared accommodation homes based in the community for people aged 25+ with low-level support needs.

Support and training skills

While living at the YMCA, all young people will have a key worker who meets with them regularly to offer support with any issues they may have and to help them plan short and long-term goals. 

Staff provide support to help individuals maintain their tenancies and achieve a successful transition towards independent living. Support given includes basic living skills, benefit support and budgeting, employment and education, volunteering opportunities, help with addressing drug and alcohol issues, and referrals to relevant support agencies.

Our key worker system ensures regular support sessions are delivered by full-time staff and supplemented with additional sessions hosted by our part-time staff team. Before a resident moves into independent living, YMCA Goole will offer guidance to help them manage their own tenancy, budgeting and bills.

On moving in, residents will be required to sign a licence agreement to their accommodation. A small weekly personal charge will be payable depending on location for both hostels and transitional properties.


Resident’s involvement

The active involvement of young people is a key part of the delivery and development of our housing services to ensure the needs of those we help remains at the heart of our charity’s actions. We therefore consult with residents about how they want things to be done and what they could do to improve the living environment for themselves and those around them.

How to apply for accommodation

Anyone applying for accommodation is asked to complete an online application form. A print version is available from reception at YMCA Goole (Edinburgh Court, Edinburgh Street) or by contacting us on 01405 780578.

Young people can also be referred through Social Services or your local council. Please note that each applicant is interviewed prior to being offered either a room or having their name put on the waiting list. Please note that we accept referrals and applicants from outside the immediate Goole area.


Making a Referral  

YMCA Goole accepts self-referrals and referrals from support agencies. Once an application has been submitted to our reception team, references will be taken and a risk assessment completed. Supporting information where appropriate will be taken from relevant agencies.

Our projects


Volunteer placements

We are proud to work with local businesses who offer placement opportunities for our residents to build their portfolio of work experience.

Whether you run a community café, local arts venue, charity shop or elderly care provision – please get in touch as we would love to discuss ways in which we can create a mutually beneficial relationship. Email: giles.conlon@nottsymca.org.

Outdoor projects for residents

We currently deliver a 12-week programme with the Prince’s Trust, which features outward-bound activities and team-building challenges in Nidderdale to help boost the confidence and social skills of our residents.



Email: julie@gooleymca.co.uk

Call: 01405 780578

Support our Homeless Residents

As a community organisation which relies heavily upon the generosity of kind-hearted local people, we are very grateful for any donation you wish to make to improve the lives of the individuals we support.

At YMCA, we understand how even the smallest donated item or monetary gift can make a big difference to a young person who doesn’t take their next meal for granted. Any contributions will be warmly received, but we are always looking for: food, clothes, household goods including furniture, arts and crafts materials, plus cash donations that can help us deliver life-changing training and support services for homeless people in Goole (please note we cannot accept alcohol). Please call 01405 780578 for details or email giles.conlon@nottsymca.org.

Christmas gift appeal

We believe that every human being should feel loved at Christmas. If you would like to make a contribution to give a homeless person a present to open on Christmas Day, please email: julie@gooleymca.co.uk or call 01405 780578 for details.

Volunteering at YMCA Goole

The YMCA team warmly welcomes volunteers who want to help vulnerable young people by donating their time to support the charity. Anyone interested in volunteering with us is welcome to get in touch by contacting Giles Conlon on: giles.conlon@nottsymca.org or call 01405 780578.