Our YMCA provides temporary supported accommodation for vulnerable young people and adults across Nottinghamshire and East Riding.

We manage accommodation in Nottingham city centre, Mansfield and Worksop, with additional housing services for young people in Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire.

Transitional Homes

 Our YMCA team understands that a person’s journey through homelessness is not always a linear process. To ensure residents are given the best opportunity to build a brighter future, we also provide transitional houses across Nottingham, Mansfield and Worksop. These homes serve as a bridge for residents who no longer require emergency housing support but still need guidance reintegrating into the community on their road to regaining independence.

Placement of residents in our transitional homes is dependent on an applicant’s individual needs assessment. 

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Our Locations

Click the links below to learn more about the specific services running in each of our temporary housing locations.

5 stages journey (ages 16+)

Timeline 1
Induction and Key Worker Support

New residents are welcomed into one of YMCA’s schemes and assigned a key worker who provides an induction, and helps you to get residents back on their feet. YMCA staff will also help residents engage in social and emotional support where required and develop a clear resettlement and support plan.

Residents in need of additional support can access the Opportunity and Change project, part of the Building Better Opportunities programme, which is funded by the Big Community Fund and the European Social Fund.

Training and Courses

Residents are encouraged to engage with training opportunities we offer to further a variety of independent living skills including budgeting, cooking,
literacy, maths and more. Past courses have been delivered by Princes Trust
, Learn Direct with Nottingham City Council and New College Nottingham amongst others.

Transitional Homes

Having regained a sense of stability and support, residents then move into one of our Transitional Homes in the community. These are shared houses based in Nottingham and Mansfield. Residents will continue to meet with a key worker, attend courses and share duties with housemates. Our aim is to help resident members achieve a sustainable way of living and develop the skills to live independently.

Community Reintegration

Having demonstrated sustained involvement in volunteering, courses and programmes, residents are encouraged to look for paid work to encourage
independence and achieve greater economic wellbeing.

Independent living

We wish residents the very best of luck in building a bright and happy future as they finish their YMCA journey and regain their independence.

Make a Referral

If you would like to refer yourself or someone else to YMCA housing, please complete our online application form. If you would prefer to speak with a member of our Housing team, please drop into your local YMCA reception or contact us on:

You can also email stay@nottsymca.org.

If you are applying for yourself, please fill in this form.

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  • How long can I stay at YMCA Housing?

    YMCA provides supported accommodation based services for up to two years.

  • I have a criminal record. Can I still apply?

    Yes. You will be asked during the application process for further details. If you have a sexual offences or arson conviction, you may be ineligible.

  • Can I bring my partner/children to live with me at YMCA housing?

    Our YMCA housing services are available for single, homeless individuals. Couples (for example) should submit separate application forms.

  • What donations would be most useful to YMCA residents?

    We warmly welcome any and all donations, from new and pre-loved items to financial donations. Regardless of size, we appreciate all support that can help us to help others in need.

    Everyday practical items are always well-received such as towels, cutlery, shower products, diaries (etc.). We also run activities for residents so creative materials such as paints, coloured pencils, paper (or anything else you can think of to add!) would also be very appreciated.

  • Can I apply for housing over the phone?

    Yes. You can call our YMCA Housing teams for help with the application process on the following numbers:


    Nottingham city centre: 0115 837 1871

    Mansfield: 01623 407801

    Goole: 01405 780578

  • What housing support does YMCA Robin Hood Group provide?

    YMCA Robin Hood Group provides housing support for homeless local people aged 16 and above at their hostels across Nottingham, Mansfield, Worksop and Goole . In Nottingham city centre alone, on Shakespeare Street and Peachy Street, they offer 98 fully furnished rooms in the city centre, featuring shared kitchens and communal areas for residents.

  • What is the YMCA’s Transitional Homes programme?

    Depending on the needs of the individual, applicants may be placed in one of YMCA’s transitional houses, which are based in the community across Nottingham. Transitional homes are smaller houses, where residents can live independently but still with the guidance of YMCA staff and support when they need it.  All residents have ongoing access to YMCA key worker support along their journey of regaining independence.

  • What is the length of stay at the YMCA housing?

    YMCA is not a night shelter, but instead ’s is focused on supporting homeless people with a fixed and stable home and address while they work towards independence. The minimum tenancy is 3-6 months, and the maximum tenancy is 2 years.

  • What support and training does the YMCA provide to its residents?

    Each resident at the YMCA is allocated a key worker who meets with them regularly to offer support with any issues and help plan short- and long-term goals. Support ranges from helping residents sustain their tenancies and achieve independent living, to guidance in developing basic living skills, managing finances, and weekly budgeting. YMCA also offers employment support and training through projects and courses, access to onsite social workers, and referrals to other specialist agencies.

  • What special programs does the YMCA offer for young people and refugees?

    YMCA runs programs especially for people aged 18-25, offering support on feeling more confident, dealing with emotions, and reconnecting with family. For refugees, YMCA can help enrol them on ‘English for Speakers of Other Languages’ (ESOL) classes and offer support in applying to become a UK Citizen. They also work with refugees to find work or volunteering placements and help them get ready to live independently.

  • How can one apply for housing support at the YMCA?

    Anyone applying for supported accommodation is asked to complete an application form, which can be done online or by contacting the YMCA housing team on 0115 837 1871. YMCA accepts referrals from agencies such as Self-referral, Base 51, HMP Nottingham, Framework Housing Association, and Housing Aid, among others.

  • How can one support the YMCA’s housing residents?

    Donations of any size, including food, clothes, household goods, arts and crafts materials, diaries, or monetary contributions, are warmly received at the local YMCA Housing reception.

  • Are there volunteering opportunities at the YMCA?

    Yes, YMCA welcomes volunteers who wish to make a positive difference to the lives of vulnerable people across Nottinghamshire. More information about volunteering opportunities can be found on the YMCA’s Volunteers webpage or by emailing recruitment@ymcarhg.org.