YMCA Settled Care

Nottinghamshire YMCA’s Settled Care provision provides children who are not able to live with their own families with a chance to grow and thrive in a safe home.

What is Settled Care?

By promoting a ‘family unit’ model in the community, the children’s residential care programme delivers 24-hour care and nourishment to young people aged 8-17 to ensure at-risk children are awarded the same opportunity of a loving, home environment as their peers to give them the best chance of a brighter future. We opened our first Settled Care home in 2011, with YMCA being one of the few charities to home and look after children in the community.

As a care provider with one ‘Outstanding’ and two ‘Good’ Ofsted ratings, Nottinghamshire YMCA’s Settled Care team recognise there is a real need for safe and nurturing homes for vulnerable children. Our compassionate and trained staff are always compelled to step in where possible to help improve the lives of at-risk children.



“Our belief is that all children deserve to be nurtured and supported to become rounded individuals – not just by their carers but also by the greater community.”

Craig Berens, Chief Operating Officer at Nottinghamshire YMCA Triangle_icon_red_grad

Who do we support?

The ‘Settled Care’ provision creates safe residential home environments for children aged between 8-17 who originate from anywhere in the UK. At Nottinghamshire YMCA, we know that there is not one type of child in care. Every child is unique, has a different story to tell with an individual set of basic human needs that must be met for them to develop and feel nurtured as a young person. Our comprehensive placement and matching criteria ensure we only accept children where we believe we can truly support their individual needs and can make a substantial difference in their lives. This explicitly takes into account the child’s history, behaviour and community background. Please note that in rare instances there are times when we cannot meet a young person’s needs through their referral.


Services we offer

Our homes are based in neighbourhoods around Nottinghamshire, with four full-time and one part-time YMCA staff members providing around-the-clock support for between two or three children at each location. Nottinghamshire YMCA residential homes feature: 

  • Single bedrooms so each child has their own space
  • One full bathroom and additional toilet 
  • Kitchen/dining area for home cooked meals
  • Comfortable lounge 
  • Garden and conservatory
  • A space for our staff members to sleep overnight

With the population of children in care increasing to the point where more than 1,400 children in Nottinghamshire find themselves in care, the need to address this growing problem has never been so important.

Our response to the concerns of people in our community was to design a new type of programme based around the family. Our small scale ‘family unit’ model has at its very heart the same aspirations for children in care that the majority of parents have for their own sons and daughters.

Furthermore, we realised the traditional larger ‘children’s homes’ model presents challenges that can prevent children from growing and developing into productive and positive members of their community. YMCA has considerable expertise in providing day camps, sports, family programmes, childcare and youth programmes in addition to youth health and fitness.


Developmental assets for children

YMCA of Silicon Valley developed a model for the development of the child based around 41 developmental assets.

This pioneering work has had a considerable impact on our work with vulnerable children in Settled Care. Although only in the earliest stages of what we hope will continue to be one of our signature programmes for some time to come, we have already seen our young people grow and thrive beyond our expectations. 

The achievements of the children who live with us are a great source of pride. 

Read the full research online

“Young people with high asset levels are most likely to make healthy choices, while those with lower levels are more likely to engage with negative or risky behaviours like violence, trouble in school or drug/alcohol use.”

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Refer a Child

To refer a child for residential care support through our ‘Settled Care’ provision or for further information, contact settledcare@nottsymca.org