Help us to end youth homelessness

Never before has our homeless community needed your support more than today.

As the impact of coronavirus touches every area of our daily lives, there are thousands of vulnerable young people who cannot escape some of the key everyday challenges we all face.

Working out where your next meal will come from when self-isolating and navigating social distancing when you rely on shared communal facilities is a real worry for the people we support. Young people living at the YMCA’s supported housing urgently need additional support to ensure their everyday safety and wellbeing.

By donating to our COVID-19 Appeal, you are helping Nottinghamshire YMCA to protect and equip vulnerable individuals with food, essential toiletries, games and personal items such as kettles and fridges to help minimise their need to break social distancing when in isolation.

We implore our community to pull together so we make sure those most in need do not get left behind. If we proactively care for each other, we truly believe we can get through this together.

Please help us make a change for good.



could buy a storage basket full of shower and care accesories for a YMCA resident



could buy a kettle or toaster for a resident’s room to support social distancing while isolating


could buy a microwave to ensure a resident can cook donated meals from the safety of their room