Why your contribution matters…

Jordan Jarvill, 27, was living with his partner with a baby on the way when emotional difficulties and substance misuse problems escalated him into a life of self-destruction and homelessness.

Thanks to donations from our supporters, Nottinghamshire YMCA has been able to provide personal key-worker support and a safe living environment for Jordan to recover and rebuild his life as a devoted father as he works towards re-joining his family.

Jordan’s positive progress meant he could move out of the main hostel and into a YMCA transitional shared house, because he no longer required such intense support. With continued help from the charity, Jordan is now investing his focus into one of his life passions of keeping chickens and ducks on his family’s land.

“I badly wanted to prove to everyone that I could do well for myself and my family,” said Jordan. “Without YMCA I would probably be dead; six feet under. Whatever I needed to get myself moving forward – the team supported me. If I ever needed anything, they would willingly give their time and help.”

Thank you for your support!


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