Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) for your chosen YMCA programme (see list below) very carefully before registering with our services.

You can also read our Safeguarding Policy, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy online.

Please note that you will be required to confirm and agree to all T&Cs for your chosen service when you sign up to a YMCA programme.

  • YMCA Gym
    Access to YMCA Gym:
    You must check in every time you visit YMCA gym, either using the self check in scanner or with a member of staff.
    Members must be 16 years+.
    Memberships are non transferrable. Please tell us if your card has been lost or stolen.
    Please refer to the website or YMCA Gym app for information on opening hours, or ask for details.
    You must have a YMCA gym 1871 membership to access 1871 sessions, including open gym.
    We reserve the right to refuse entry and to terminate memberships with immediate effect at our discretion.
    We will take a photo of you for identification purposes and to prevent someone else from using your membership in the event your card is lost or stolen, or signing in to your account on the YMCA Gym app. This picture will not be used for any other purposes without your express permission.
    Using YMCA Gym:

    Wear appropriate clothing within the gym. Tops must be worn at all times and no jeans or black marking soles on footwear are permitted. Seek guidance from the YMCA gym team if you are unsure what clothing is appropriate.
    Inductions are encouraged.
    All members must read and sign the ‘member information’ document which includes questions about your health and important terms regarding risk and liability.

    Your property:
    Our employees, agents or sub-contractors will not be liable to you for any loss, damage or theft of any property brought onto YMCA gym premises.

    Lockers will be emptied every night. Contents will be stored for four weeks but will then be disposed of. We will charge you £10 for the removal and storage of items left in a locker overnight.
    Lockers will be emptied every night. Contents will be stored for four weeks but will then be disposed of. We will charge you £10 for the removal and storage of items left in a locker overnight (unless you have hired the locker. Please speak to a member of the team if you wish to hire a locker).

    Membership fees paid by monthly instalments are payable on the same date each month.
    Annual memberships will not automatically renew on expiration.
    All membership fees are non-refundable.
    Monthly memberships have no minimum period from date of joining however, it is continuous and expires only on cancellation which can be done via email or in person.
    Daily Pay As You Go memberships will expire at the end of the day. Pay As You Go members are permitted to leave the centre and return on the same day at no extra charge (on presentation of valid proof of purchase).
    A cooling off period of 14 calendar days is applicable when purchasing an up-front full membership. To cancel the purchased membership, your request must be given in writing within 14 days of the payment clearing.
    Memberships are continuous but can be suspended (or ‘frozen’) at any point before your next payment is due to be taken. There is a minimum of one month suspension/freezing period and a maximum of six months.
    If you paid upfront for a full year you can still freeze your membership. You can freeze for a maximum of 6 months and your frozen months will be added to the end of your membership period.
    NB. Freezes are not available on promotional memberships e.g. Student promo, Better Together Offer

    Better Together Offer – Summer 2022
    1. Offer only available to new members. New member must not have held an active membership on or after Wednesday 8th June.
    2. Off-peak membership discounted £5.
    2. Discounted months are non-refundable.
    3. No joining fee and no contract. Payment is taken on a month-to-month basis. Members can cancel anytime before next due payment.

    Member referrals:
    First referral = £10 discount off next payment.
    Two more referrals = half-price membership the following month (except for off-peak).
    Off-peak memberships £5 discount.
    Annual memberships – £10 per referral, discounted from next renewal.
    Off-peak & Student Promo annual membership – £5 discount per referral, discounted from next renewal
  • Childcare and Day Camps

    Including Camp Williams, Creative Academy, Childcare and Wollaton Holiday Club


  • YMCA Digital

    Participant Agreement – Parent’s/Responsible Adult’s Copy

    YMCA Digital’s provision at NGY My-Place is a service for young people to explore their creativity and express themselves in an appropriate way.

    To safeguard the young people that use the YMCA Youth Service we would like to ensure that all music that is created under our supervision is vetted by parents.  In our experience, some young people have been tempted to attach inappropriate images to songs that YMCA staff have helped them to create and in some cases, posted them on social media. This could potentially have negative consequences for the young person therefore we feel that parents and carers should be aware of this situation and the fact that we and strongly advise against this practice.

    In our sessions, we make it clear that we never knowingly permit nor condone any child/young person to upload songs/content created on YMCA programmes to social media and other platforms. We also strongly advise them to not attach images to the recordings that do not represent them in a positive light as that this can have negative consequences for them.

    To ensure that YMCA does everything possible to avoid the occurrences listed above, our new procedures state that we need to  send the work to you for approval before it is completed and issued to the child/young person. After this point , obviously we cannot control the content and full control and responsibility is taken up by your child/young person and the responsible adult.

    We are unable to release anything until we receive this agreement, so if you could please supply an email address and telephone number so we can contact you with any recordings/images for your approval, we would appreciate it.

    We want you to know that we understand the level of care necessary when working with children and young people and we are delighted that parents/responsible adults feel the same way about the people in their care.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • Media Consent (Photography, Videos and Sound)

    Please download our Media Consent policy forms below.