Vote today! Two incredible young people making a difference to lives in Nottinghamshire

Youth Matters Awards 2022 – Robin Hood Group Semi-Finalists

YMCA Robin Hood Group is proud and excited to support two amazing young people who have been shortlisted as semi-finalists at YMCA England & Wales Youth Matters Awards 2022, an annual event celebrating the achievements of young people, staff and volunteers.

Find out more about these outstanding young people who continue making a positive influence in our local community and please consider taking a moment to give them your vote. Voting closes Monday, 15 August 2022.

Shaquille Porteous

Youth Sport Co-ordinator

Shaquille delivers various sports programmes for young people who live in YMCA supported housing in Mansfield and Newark. He has been an inspiration, encouraging and supporting young people to get active and take positive steps in their lives.

He is passionate about fundraising and entered the Edinburgh Half Marathon earlier this year raising a fantastic £1,745 (and counting!) for YMCA Robin Hood Group’s project partner, the Emmaus Trust.

Charlotte Robinson

Y’s Girls Mentor

Charlotte has truly made a difference in her role as a Y’s Girls mentor, a national youth programme which connects vulnerable young women aged 9 to 14 with mentors in Nottinghamshire. She has been able to break through barriers to reach and connect with the young person she was matched with, forming a strong bond, something previous social workers have been unable to achieve.

Charlotte’s work ethic and determination throughout mentoring has been inspiring and has supported her fellow mentors through her skills and education in psychology.

Vote for Shaquille and Charlotte here: Youth Matter Awards 2022