YMCA plans to support vulnerable young people in North Yorkshire

YMCA is pleased to announce plans to launch a new children’s residential care service in North Yorkshire to provide a vital lifeline for at-risk young people.

Building on the success of Nottinghamshire YMCA’s ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Good’ Ofsted ratings for the organisation’s care provisions, this regional charity is expanding its services to deliver new care homes across North Yorkshire.

YMCA is a charity movement that promotes youth development, healthy living and social responsibility by boosting the mind, body and spirit of local communities.

By promoting a ‘family unit’ model in the community, the charity’s care programme offers 24-hour support and nourishment for at-risk children (aged 8-17) to award them the same opportunity of a loving home environment as their peers and give them the best chance of building a brighter future.

With the charity’s branch in Goole situated nearby, the goal is to launch operational homes in North Yorkshire by February 2020, with semi-independent and therapeutic care packages available.

Nottinghamshire YMCA’s existing regulated children’s homes in the East Midlands currently support long-term placements, with over 80% of young residents to date staying at the homes for longer than 18 months. Fully trained staff members are onsite 24 hours a day to provide ongoing support for the children, who may have been referred to the charity having experienced complex issues such as severe neglect, emotional or physical harm.

“We believe that every child deserves a stable, caring and nurturing home environment,” said Anthony Gallaher, Operations Manager for Children’s Residential Care at Nottinghamshire YMCA.

“YMCA is deeply proud of the positive outcomes we are seeing for all of the young people we support, particularly across education as the current 100% attendance rate across all our existing homes shows what a young person can achieve when there is someone to believe in their abilities.

“It is only by providing a safe and inspirational home life that we can truly empower these young people with the right tools to develop into well-rounded adults who make good life decisions as contributors to their communities.”

This expansion project falls just as residents living at YMCA in Goole’s supported accommodation housing provision set sail from Hull on an adventure of a lifetime around the coast of the UK with YMCA’s Tall Ships fundraising initiative. This project is working to unite YMCA movements across the country under a banner of celebrating youth development and social responsibility to safeguard the future of our country’s next generation.

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