YMCA in Worksop launches bike scheme for charity’s residents

Formerly homeless residents living at Nottinghamshire YMCA’s supported housing in Worksop are set to benefit from a new cycling scheme launched by the charity thanks to generous COVID funding.

Protecting psychological wellbeing

As the UK enters its second national lockdown, we are reminded once again of the complex physical and mental health challenges facing our community’s most vulnerable individuals. With social interaction restricted to 2-metre distancing and isolation placing even more strain upon relationship building, never before has outdoor activity held such valued importance for protecting our nation’s psychological wellbeing.

At Nottinghamshire YMCA’s office in Worksop, the charity team identified that several residents were expressing an interest in cycling, and so Housing Development Manager Sandra Young utilised a portion of the generous COVID-19 funding awarded by Comic Relief, Morrison’s and Reaching Communities to purchase mountain bikes for the residents to use and enjoy.

Housing Officer Owen Shonhiwa kindly leapt to the challenge and offered to assemble the new mountain bikes to ensure they are safe and ready for residents to hit the parks this Winter.

Getting back to nature

“With a second lockdown threatening to place renewed strain upon the mental wellbeing of our residents, it has never been so important to promote the numerous health benefits of ‘getting back to nature’,” explained Sandra Young, Housing Development Manager at YMCA Housing in Worksop.

“Cycling is an excellent way to boost both physical and mental health. In addition to creating a safe and positive focus for residents to enjoy when life feels difficult, there are many practical skills to be gained from riding a bike, such as balance and concentration. The loaning scheme involves a degree of trust and responsibility for residents to care for the bikes, whilst most importantly empowering individuals to exercise and breathe in fresh air with mental space away from life’s pressures.

“We are sure our residents will benefit greatly from this new bike scheme and we are truly grateful for the deeply valued funding that is giving our community’s most vulnerable members something positive to look forward to enjoying during this difficult period.”

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