YMCA Housing launches ‘Shoestring Market’!

Our YMCA Housing team is pleased to unveil a brand new way of processing and fairly distributing donations generously contributed by local businesses and members of the community.


The ‘Shoestring Market’ project, based at the charity’s hostel in Nottingham city centre, will see morning food donations separated into eight crates before being displayed on the market stall at 6pm for residents to enjoy at their leisure. Evening donations will follow the same procedure being presented at 8am the following day. 

This new system will ensure those residents who are out of the hostel with other commitments also get an opportunity to enjoy food contributions and not miss out.

“Residents seem very happy with this fun and fair way of managing donations,” said Housing Manager Andy Canon.

“The Market Stall creates a more organised system for residents and makes the process of receiving food donations feel more like a shopping experience rather than handouts, which is fundamental to helping build their sense of self-worth.”

If you want to make a contribution to support Nottinghamshire YMCA’s support services in the community, please donate online now: 

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