YMCA Housing launches Rents Hotline

Residents living at Nottinghamshire YMCA’s supported accommodation across the region can now benefit from a new tenancy support strategy launched by the non-profit charity.

Boosting connectivity

The movement’s Housing team has introduced a ‘Rents Hotline’ to support formerly homeless YMCA residents in managing their tenancies as they work towards achieving independent living.

This hotline has been created to increase residents’ sense of connectivity with the YMCA team during social isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and covers everything from answering queries about tenancies to providing support in arranging rent payments.

‘Empowering YMCA residents’

“The pandemic has placed additional strain upon the physical and mental wellbeing of our residents, many of whom struggle to manage their tenancies without continued support and guidance from our trained YMCA staff team,” explained Nick Clements, Housing Operations Manager at Nottinghamshire YMCA.

“We hope our new Rents Hotline initiative will empower YMCA residents to overcome the physical limitations imposed by this pandemic by adding an additional way for them to engage with our team when they need support.

“Our priority is to nurture a caring environment in which our residents feel supported to meet their personal goals. This includes everything from basic cooking skills to money management, social development and maintaining their tenancies to prepare them for living independently when they are ready to move on from our supported housing.”

The hotline is open for all YMCA residents between Monday-Friday (9am-5pm) on 0800 060 7368.

Nottinghamshire YMCA delivers safe temporary accommodation for homeless adults and young people for up to two years, offering bespoke personal keyworker support to identify each resident’s individual needs and set positive realistic targets as they work towards a positive move-on to independent living.

To refer yourself or someone else for housing support