YMCA Housing exceeds target by ‘Building Better Opportunities’

Nottinghamshire YMCA is pleased to secure the charity’s target number of contracted sign-ups for their ‘Opportunity and Change’ project an entire six months earlier than expected – with participants continuing to enrol!

‘Big success’

Funded by the Big Lottery and ESIF, ‘Opportunity and Change’ is a strand of the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) initiative, which is designed to enable organisations to support individuals with multiple complex needs at our hostels.

As a funded project, Nottinghamshire YMCA was set a target of 40 participants to sign up to the project before the end of 2018.

Through their commitment and teamwork, staff have not only managed to achieve this demanding goal half-a-year early, but the project has been such a success that participants continue to sign up to the scheme.

“We are all so thrilled to have reached this ambitious milestone so quickly,” said Gillian Costello, who leads the project as the Community and Social Work Manager at Nottinghamshire YMCA’s Housing services.

‘Intensive support for participants’

“Exceeding the target was achieved by a lot of hard work, and engaging with other organisations and external providers to market what support we can offer and identify those who are eligible and would benefit from the support.

“This success not only means that we have reached out target earlier than the set date by the funders – most importantly, it means that our participants can receive more intensive support both while living at Nottinghamshire YMCA’s housing and beyond.

“It also means we can continue to support more vulnerable people than our allocated target, in addition to enabling our residents to access specialist support (which we can fund), training workshops and funding to furnish their homes.”

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