YMCA Gym Closure

The YMCA Gym located on Shakespeare Street, Nottingham will be closing at 6pm on Friday 2nd December 2022.

As a charity, we are always assessing our evolving and expanding services to ensure we provide the best possible support for young people and the most vulnerable members of society. In this regard, it is no longer possible for the gym to remain open.

This shift in our delivery will result in the growth of other key services, including Y’s Girls mentoring for girls and young women whose mental health is at risk, residential care for vulnerable young people, and the classes and facilities of the YMCA Village at Newark. The YMCA’s role in the community is growing, and we understand the need to expand these and other impactful services.

The YMCA Gym in Nottingham has had a long and cherished history with the YMCA and its members, some of you have been keeping fit in the iconic, art-deco building on Shakespeare Street for 20 years. In it we’ve hosted numerous popular classes, including Zumba, Forever Fit Spin, and Strong Nation. Prior to Covid, membership was high, maxing out at just over 1100 in early 2020. Our members have run marathons, attended event trips such as Equinox 24 and SotF in London, joined in with our Christmas Zumbathons, had fun with our staff on their fancy dress days, and even participated in a flash mob in the Victoria Centre. We want to thank all the members who’ve taken part in these and other events, making them fun and memorable, and extend that thanks to everyone who has been a part of our YMCA Gym community in Nottingham.

All pre-payment membership will be reimbursed and monthly Direct Debit payments for November will be adjusted and reduced to reflect the time up until the gym closes on 2nd December 2022.

We understand that the YMCA Gym has long been a beloved part of our offering to local people, and in taking this difficult decision, we share the sadness many will feel about its closure. We will always be grateful to each member for their support. We wish you well with all your future fitness goals and hope to see you in our other venues and enjoying our services.

Daniel Hibbert 
Operations Manager Health, Wellbeing and Sports
YMCA Robin Hood Group

Lanie Wood

R&D Manager, Ozwin Casino


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