YMCA celebrates ‘Mental Health Awareness Day’

From hosting mental health quizzes to getting creative with art therapy and wellbeing walks – Nottinghamshire YMCA enjoyed every second of ‘Mental Health Awareness Day’ on Thursday 10 October!

Starting conversations about mental health

In Nottingham, a programme of staff workshop activities were organised throughout the day by the charity’s ‘Mental Health Champions’ team, and delivered in the YMCA Housing Training Kitchen workshop space on Shakespeare Street in the city centre.

MH-quiz-winners-Time-to-Change-Oct-19Sessions included workshops ranging from discussions on how the workplace is set up to help staff with mental health challenges to more creative ideas such as building your perception of different emotions out of Play-Doh and drawing yourself as a superhero. The day concluded with a mental health quiz by ‘Time to Change’, with chocolate box prizes for the winner and first runner-up. 

In addition to having fun and boosting everyone’s sense of wellbeing in the workplace, a key purpose of the workshops was to support staff in feeling comfortable and safe to start conversations about mental health, with signposting about where they can seek the right kinds of help and advice for their needs.

Wellbeing walks and pet therapy

Meanwhile, Nottinghamshire YMCA’s housing staff team in Worksop thoroughly enjoyed embracing the day’s agenda by bringing their dogs to work before embarking (we’re sure bad pun humour boosts mental health?!) on a wellbeing walk adventure in the surrounding areas.

As a Mindful Employer who understands the importance of promoting positive mental health and wellbeing of all YMCA staff, the charity’s ‘Mental Health Champion’ team also launched a new ‘Mental Health Support’ web-resource to mark the day. The page is filled with useful guidance such as helpful sleeping tips and signposting to organisations which offer support on a whole range of different mental health related issues. Check it out by visiting our website: