Vegan café Numinums steps up to the plate during lockdown

It is fantastic to see local businesses rallying to support our community’s most vulnerable members, and our Nottinghamshire YMCA team cannot thank our wonderful donors enough for their touching kindness and support during this difficult time.

Numinums vegan cafe COVID meal donations Credit to Fiona at Green Moon Designs
Numinums (Credit to Fiona at Green Moon Designs)

Vegan café, Numinums, has been sportingly delivering hot meals every Saturday for residents to enjoy who live at our multiple complex needs service in Wellesley House.

To drum up support, the venue has been asking customers who have food delivered to donate a meal to Nottinghamshire YMCA.

Co-owner and Chef at Numinums, Becka, explained: “As a result of most of our work (private events, festivals and weddings) being cancelled because of COVID-19, we decided to adapt our business model to provide home delivered vegan meals to the Nottingham area.

“Our customers can choose to add a ‘pay-it-forward’ option where they add a donation for the cost of a meal onto their order. We have been matching the donations that we receive, and have been cooking 25 meals for people in need each week.

“Our food is nutritious, and can be served hot too, so the YMCA residents can enjoy a proper nourishing and hearty meal that will actually fill them up.”

It is through the kind-hearted generosity of individuals and businesses in our local community that we can work together and ensure that no one is left behind during this pandemic.

The biggest thank you to the amazing Numinums team!

Order meals from Numinums to support the cause: