The YMCA have not only helped me get fit, but they have shown me I can enjoy exercising

Lisa has just finished her 12 week exercise programme and she has lost over 3 stone so far!

Lisa was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 2 years ago:

‘When I was diagnosed I felt like giving up with everything. I already found it difficult to exercise because I was overweight, even walking to the shops would make me out of breath.’

Lisa joined Slimming World before the Physical Activity on Referral Scheme (PAoRS). This helped her start losing weight, but Lisa felt she needed to exercise as well to improve her health and fitness, so Lisa went back to Healthy Change to see how they could help her, and they referred her to the PAoRS.

‘At first I was scared to start exercising, but Kelly, my instructor, was lovely. She made me feel at ease and made sure I exercised at my own pace. Kelly also kept me really motivated and helped me change my attitude towards exercise. Now, exercise is part of my routine, I’m going to miss my Monday PAoRS class!’

Lisa has not only lost weight as a result of Slimming World and PAoRS, her blood pressure has also decreased, she now walks with a spring in her step instead of getting out of breath and her family say she’s a lot happier and more positive about life.

‘I honestly couldn’t have done it without the YMCA, they were fantastic. Kelly made me believe I could do it and kept me motivated. There were times when I was struggling, but I could see how far I’d come and I wouldn’t let myself give up. The YMCA have not only helped me get fit, but they’ve shown me that I can enjoy exercising.’

The ultimate goal for Lisa is to carry on losing weight until she feels at a manageable weight and to keep exercising. Lisa had not been to a gym before she joined PAoRS and she said the first time Kelly took her to the gym she felt sick with anxiety that she wasn’t going to be able to do it. Lisa has now become a member of the YMCA gym and is excited about trying the FitSteps class!

‘Once we got started Kelly made me feel at ease, and the atmosphere in the YMCA gym is so friendly. I know I’ll keep going to the gym now because I really enjoy it and I can keep in contact with my PAoRS instructors.’