The positive path to feeling fit

When Nagina, 38, began our physical activity on referral programme she found day to day tasks a struggle and lacked confidence, motivation and energy. 6 months later, Nagina has lost nearly 3 stone, is glowing with positivity and has a new found love for Zumba! Kersti Fourcin, PR & Comms, caught up with Nagina at YMCA gym.

Nagina didn’t think she would be able to do the programme at first; she didn’t feel able to do exercise and lacked determination. Chris Hancock, Nagina’s instructor was always very encouraging; “he told me that I could do it if I put my mind to it.” At the start of Nagina’s 12 week programme she held onto the treadmill whilst walking and jogging. “Emma [Member Advisor at YMCA gym] really helped me to let go. She said that she’d stand by me until I was ready.” Nagina says that it’s the friendly, welcoming attitude of the staff that has encouraged her to keep up her membership at YMCA gym.

“Here I feel relaxed and happy compared to other gyms I’ve been to… the staff are very helpful and it lifts your spirits. I’ve never had anybody that’s criticised me or made a judgement. I feel so encouraged.”

Nagina has 3 children. She loves getting involved in activities on family holidays and feels more able to do so now. Recently the family went to Butlins and Nagina enjoyed riding the river rapids with her children, who are all very impressed with their new energetic mum! In fact all of Nagina’s family and friends have been really supportive. She tells me how it good it feels to teach her children to lead an active and healthy life by example. The whole family can enjoy getting out and about, playing in the garden and keeping active this summer!

Sometimes, Nagina has a bad day or feels tired but she explains that that’s ok, as long as you pick yourself up again. “Sometimes I can do it, sometimes I can’t. Eric [Exercise Instructor] tells me that doesn’t mean I should stop – he says keep going!” And that’s exactly what Nagina has done. I asked her what a typical exercise timetable looked like for her these days. Spin, box fit and Zumba are her favourites. She also uses the treadmill, cross trainer and exercise bike. “I’ve made loads of friends here”, she explains, “socialising as well as exercising; you look forward to it.” Nagina has also taken up Bollywood dancing with a friend in Hyson Green. “I have so much more energy now!”

That week, Nagina had been to Zumba twice and was heading to the gym after our meeting- it was only Wednesday! Find out more about our Physical Activity programmes. Call us on 0115 9489820.