The Performance space is like something from the set of Rocky III!

2012 Olympian and international 400m athlete Richard Buck (@rickbee400) attends the YMCA gym launch party.

When I attended the official opening of the YMCA gym I was pleasantly surprised.

I walked through a well-decorated doorway and was instantly greeted with a healthy cocktail of mixed fresh fruits.

I’m then taken on a tour of the gym. There is equipment that looks like it’s from the not too distant future on the main gym floor, then I go upstairs to the hard-hitting Performance space which looks like something from the set of Rocky III!

There are demonstrations going on across the gym, and I see the encouraging banter of all the gym staff engaging with the members. For me as an elite athlete I find training alone to be incredibly difficult. Having friends and helpful members of staff to assist you can be invaluable in getting fit, they can provide you with the encouragement to be all that you can be.

The support doesn’t end there, in fact that is only the beginning! The YMCA offers group fitness classes throughout the entire day, from A-Z or Aerobics to Zumba for the hardened fitness fanatic, and they know that there is more to do then you could possibly fit into a day, so they’ve even tackled that problem; open 24hours gives you the option of never leaving they gym, or just attending whenever is best for you.

All in all it looks like a great city centre gym that I hope many of you get the chance to enjoy.

by Richard Buck.