Supported Housing Success! | New life for our 16+ service, Mansfield

We want to share the story of a tremendous group effort across YMCA Robin Hood Group that has resulted in the implementation of our new 16+ service, which is already helping young people to belong, contribute, and thrive.

The journey began in May this year, envisioning and planning the new service in Mansfield, with the aim of mobilising on the 1st August. With the support and guidance of the Development and Funding Team, Supported Housing secured the new commissioned contract for the 16+ Service in Mansfield and Ashfield on the 16th May, providing us with the opportunity to support 71 young people aged 16 to 25.

Once the contract had been awarded, commissioners from Nottinghamshire County Council visited our accommodation and fed back that it was very tired, offering to support by holding a co-production session with young people on the 16th June to agree on renovations to be performed. The feedback we received was detailed and helpful, shaping much of what we did.

When the Operation Teams met the young people and staff on the 21st June for the first time, there was plenty of uncertainty about the changes they were facing, expressed in a host of questions. We provided reassurance, support, and a warm welcome to make the transition a positive experience for everyone involved. The team fed back to us they felt valued and appreciated, as we had everything set up and ready so they could start their new roles.

The properties we’ve renovated are 12, 28, & 29 Moor Street and Commercial Gate, with a matching colour scheme of blue (honesty), yellow (respect), and green (responsibility) that aligns with our core values. When the commissioners returned at the end of July, they were amazed by the transformation that had been completed in just 5 weeks. The accommodation had been transformed for the new service.

New kitchens at Commercial Gate:

This could not have been achieved without the dedication, commitment, and support of the Estate and Compliance Team, Facilities, Domestics, and our Operational Team across supported housing. The Finance Team supported us with budgets and rent schedules, and the People and Culture Team have been amazing, making sure we had everything in place for our new employees so they could transition smoothly into their new roles in Mansfield by 1st August. Thanks also go to the Digital Transformation Team, who made sure the IT equipment was up and running for the new staff team, and that all properties for the 16+ service had access to Wi-Fi. The hard work and dedication of this broad network of teams has brought our vision to life, enabling us to improve the life chances of the young people we support.

Finally, the day itself arrived. On the 1st August we welcomed our new team members, and over the course of the week, 28 young people moved from their previous provider and were warmly welcomed into our supported accommodation. YMCA is passionate that housing provision is about so much more than just a roof over young people’s heads – it’s care and empowerment, building confidence. and helping young people reach a place of independence. As a high quality, youth-centred organisation, we believe that all young people should have the chance to discover who they are and all they can become.