Residents enjoy cycling initiative at YMCA in Mansfield

Following the launch of a funded bike scheme at YMCA in Worksop, formerly homeless residents living at the charity’s supported housing in Mansfield are now also enjoying the physical and mental health benefits of cycling.

cycling-Mansfield-YMCAOutdoor exercise and fresh air

Thanks to generous COVID support funding, this scheme was rolled out for the not-for-profit movement’s residents in Mansfield after the initiative proved a roaring success in Worksop.

“Cycling is an excellent way to boost both physical and mental health,” explained Sandra Young, Housing Development Manager at YMCA Housing for both Mansfield and Worksop.

“In addition to creating a safe and positive focus for residents to enjoy when life feels difficult, there are many practical skills to be gained from riding a bike, such as balance and concentration.

‘Trust and responsibility’

“The loaning scheme involves a degree of trust and responsibility for residents to care for the bikes, whilst most importantly empowering individuals to exercise and breathe in fresh air with mental space away from life’s pressures.

“It is great to see residents already benefiting greatly from this new bike scheme and we are truly grateful for the deeply valued funding that is giving our community’s most vulnerable members something positive to look forward to enjoying during this difficult period.”

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