Remembering Geoff Rockley

This week we heard the sad news that Geoff Rockley has passed away.

Geoff Rockley joined the YMCA as early as 1952, and played an active role in the life of the YMCA both locally and nationally for over 60 years.

It was as a snooker player that Geoff originally came to YMCA all those years ago when we were known locally for our snooker hall and basketball court, before becoming part of our YMCA’s governance as an early board member. This was an exciting time for our YMCA and Geoff’s support came at a critical time during our formative years.

In the last decade, Geoff took up the role of President of our YMCA.

We stopped to talk to Will Wakefield, our Chief Executive Officer has fond memories of Geoff:

“Geoff had timeless values. In all my privileged contact with Geoff, I found him to be an absolute gentleman; kind, patient and calm. He initiated great change. By first concentrating on the culture of the board, and then the wider organisation, he helped us to emerge as the thriving, modern YMCA we are today.”

The Board, Friends of the YMCA and Staff wish to extend our most sincere and deepest sympathy to Geoff’s family for their sad loss. He will be greatly missed.