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New General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will soon impact the ways in which we can communicate with you and our other charity supporters. Under new GDPR rules, we cannot contact you with news updates or information about our services by phone, email or post unless you explicitly give us permission.

So whether it’s the gym, housing or children’s services that takes your fancy – please complete the quick and easy form below to stay in touch!

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At Nottinghamshire YMCA, data protection and how we safeguard your privacy is extremely important to us. You should have the power to choose how we contact you to tell you about latest news, offers and opportunities available. If you are a paid member of one of our programmes, we will continue to send you core information about your service.

If you would like to receive updates on our charity’s services that interest you – all you have to do is Opt In now by ticking ‘yes’ and selecting the relevant boxes.

*If a person does not complete this form or selects ‘unsubscribe’ to ‘opt out’, we will accept this as confirmation that they do not wish to receive communications from Nottinghamshire YMCA or YMCA Newark and Sherwood.

As always, we promise not to bombard you with excessive emails or messages, and you will always have control over how much information you would like to receive from Nottinghamshire YMCA.

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