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Nottinghamshire YMCA announces landmark rebrand in 150th anniversary year

Nottinghamshire YMCA is delighted to announce that the regional young people’s charity is changing its name to YMCA Robin Hood Group.

The decision was ratified by the Board of Trustees on 27 October, meaning the charity will now begin the transition to their new brand under the umbrella organisation of YMCA Robin Hood Group, with several regional YMCA branches operating within this new model.

Brand refresh

With the charity marking its 150th anniversary year, YMCA is pleased to unveil how their name change coincides with the adopting of a new youth-centric brand identity. This includes a dynamic new logo and complete visual refresh in unity with the national autonomous YMCA communities.

In line with the YMCA’s mission of empowering vulnerable young people and families to belong, contribute and thrive – ‘Robin Hood’ has been chosen in honour of the iconic local character who was motivated by elevating the needs of people from disadvantaged communities. He also unites our locations geographically with a rich folk legend history across both Nottinghamshire and East Riding.

As the group title will be used for operational/strategic purposes only, the organisation has revealed the following location specific names for their local branches: YMCA Greater Nottingham (covering Nottingham, Worksop and Mansfield), YMCA Newark and Sherwood, and YMCA York and East Riding (covering Goole etc.).

YMCA Robin Hood Group will remain an autonomous organisation to ensure the charity’s priority of serving the bespoke needs of the local communities.

‘Ambitious expansion plan’

Having first launched as Nottingham YMCA in 1871, the regional charity evolved to serve the wider community through supported housing and varied youth services, growing into Nottinghamshire YMCA in 2004.

As the YMCA now implements its most ambitious expansion plan to date – which includes projects such as new residential care homes in East Riding of Yorkshire and a transformational Community and Activity Village in Newark – its new name reflects the movement’s commitment to supporting even more young people across the region.

Craig Berens, Group CEO at YMCA Robin Hood Group, said: “This landmark brand refresh marks a milestone moment in our charity’s history as it gives us the chance to reflect on past achievements and look ahead to how we can make the next 150 years even more empowering for young people.

archey-teaching-skill-camp-williams“In addition to boosting wider connectivity and unification with YMCAs across the country, we are energised by how the new youth-centric branding will better speak to the evolving needs of the children and young people our programmes exist to serve.

“The inclusion of ‘Robin Hood’ feels very fitting for helping to amplify our ambitious vision of diversifying our services to elevate disadvantaged social groups and nurture positive environments for them to belong, contribute and thrive.

“We hope you share our excitement as we reenergise our brand identity to reflect and champion these community needs that put youth development at the heart of all we deliver.”

Learn more about our mission

For more information about YMCA Robin Hood Group’s mission, please contact Simon Brighty at: simon.brighty@nottsymca.org.

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