Mental Health Blog: Melted Cheese Moments

Informed Trauma Support Counsellor Janice Grant supports residents living at Nottinghamshire YMCA’s Multiple Complex Needs service in Mansfield and Ashfield.

As a former police officer, Janice knows a thing or two about the impact life stresses can have upon individuals; she shares in her blog below how it can sometimes be the simplest of things that begin to bring us back to ourselves and help increase our overall wellbeing during uncertain times. 


By Janice Grant, Informed Trauma Support Counsellor

We all know that the last year has been a tough one for us all, with our minds being challenged and concerned with keeping ourselves, family, clients and each other safe.

With this constantly in mind, we could be forgiven for forgetting about our own emotional and wellbeing needs.

It is time to give yourself permission for more ‘out of the mind’ and ‘into the senses’ moments.

cheese-fondue-recipeLast week, as I stood in the kitchen trying to make a lump-free cheese sauce for my macaroni, I chastised myself for not taking the easier option and buying readymade. However, I slowed down, determined to create the perfect sauce.

As I stirred and added the cheese I saw the texture take form with no lumps (YIPEE) and I began to feel good; but the best was yet to come. Sauce and macaroni combined, I topped the dish with cheese and placed it in oven, and within seconds the cheddar began to melt. The aroma of the melted cheese engulfed the kitchen and ignited my senses; I was basking in melted cheese heaven and the feel-good factor even spurred me on to complete further chores.

Even the simplest of actions can boost your wellbeing. The key is to take a bit of time to slow down and experience the here-and-now through your own senses which, in turn, gives your mind the down-time it needs to allow for a renewed lease of life.


YMCA’s Multiple Complex Needs Service (MCN) is funded by Ashfield District Council and Mansfield District Council to support young people who have complex needs to manage their lives, personal development and tenancies.

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