Keiron skydives for mental health awareness

Keiron Carlisle, Domestic Manager and one of Nottinghamshire YMCA’s Mental Health Champions, was so inspired after watching a programme about mental health that he has signed up to tackle a skydive to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation.

One in four of us will suffer from mental health issues during our lifetime. While many of us will make a good recovery, raising awareness of mental health has never been more important. At Nottinghamshire YMCA, we understand that the vast majority of people who have experienced or live with mental health issues continue to work successfully and are valuable members of the workforce.

Supporting the wellbeing of our staff and members is a key priority, and a new mental health policy and associated guidance has been developed to ensure the right help and support is offered to all staff.

The Mental Health Champions scheme was introduced to further support Nottinghamshire YMCA staff with mental health and wellbeing. Mental Health Champions are members of staff in each department who have been trained to offer support and signposting for coping with periods of mental strain and illness. We hope to inspire other businesses to focus on mental health wellbeing schemes for their staff as an essential part of the workplace.

Don’t forget to wish Keiron the best of luck for his sky dive! If you’d like to raise money for our programmes which promote physical and mental health, or get involved with the Mental Health and Wellbeing scheme at Nottinghamshire YMCA, please contact Emma Hodgett in HR at