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A charity project which will develop the communication skills of homeless young people by empowering them to host their own digital show has been accepted as a contender for the Aviva Community Fund – but we need your help!

Your vote will enable Nottinghamshire YMCA’s partner charity, The Zone Youth Project,to deliver a year-long programme that provides training for vulnerable young peopleto plan and deliver their own radio show featuring high profile local guests.

The initiative aims togive participants(aged 16-25) who are living in supported accommodation a voice and digital platform to instigate change and debate political agendas that impact homelessness in Nottinghamshire.

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With an overwhelming majority of young homeless people being NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training), the core goal is to build confidence and self-worth of participants whilst developing their social and interviewing skill-sets.

What the programme entails

Through a series of radio shows, the young people will interview key guests such as local MPs, Police and Crime Commissioner and other senior leaders or support agencies to build relationships and tackle current issues.

Having gained an understanding of the theory behind radio broadcasting, data collection, music selection and interviewing – participants will work creatively in teams to choose appropriate themes to research before producing a show.

The recorded shows will then be played on YMCA Digital’s radio station – a youth station based in Nottingham – and will also be available as podcasts.

Young people will also be treated to seeing a real radio station in action as the programme incorporates a trip to BBC Radio Nottingham, where participants can talk to employees involved in production, journalism and presenting.

By inspiring debate on issues ranging from crime and youth activities to politics and relationships, this creative programme hopes to help young people make sense of their world, their role within it, and to raise their ambitions for the future.

‘Giving young people a voice’

“From family breakdowns to various forms of abuse – many of these young people have faced life battles that most of us could not even imagine,” said Neil MacLaren, Fundraising Officer at The Zone Youth Project.

“They now find themselves missing core life skills, which prevents them from moving on and rebuilding their lives at a critical age and tipping point in their personal development.

“It is important for every human being to believe their voice matters, and this programme will give vulnerable young people a digital platform to address issues close to their hearts with a chance to make real change in their communities.

“We appeal for your vote to help increase our young people’s chances of being able to re-enter education, feel valued by their community and gain the communication tools needed to address their needs more clearly.”

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