History of NGY Project and YMCA Zine


Our exciting History of NGY project with the Heritage Fund saw young people come together to explore the heritage of the NGY Youth Centre, a Grade II listed building at 29-31 Castle Gate, its surroundings and historical context within Nottingham. The building has an interesting history, having previously been used as a cavalry barracks, Nottingham Women’s Hospital, and Radio Trent, to name a few.
For the duration of the project, the group researched and developed stories from the building’s history and explored the local history of other heritage sites around Nottingham’s city centre. Moving outside the building to explore the history of its surroundings, the group were guided by local history specialist Yvonne Armitage and Craig Proud, Director of Dizzy Ink, enjoying informative heritage walks and trips to the National Justice Museum and Nottingham Castle.
Throughout the project our young people gained invaluable heritage research and creative skills, allowing them to explore, archive and creatively respond to the heritage of the NGY building, a building many of them felt a strong connection to. Week after week the group looked at various printing techniques, design, photography, collage and zine-making leading to the creation of artwork and zines.

The project also focussed on the stories of the people and characters who have worked and sometimes lived within the building throughout its history, this included a talk and Q&A session with Jo Russell, previously a radio presenter for Trent FM. Following sessions uncovering the building’s historical connections to radio in the studios at NGY, some members of the group joined the YMCA Radio programme. Plus, both Jo Russell and former Trent FM presenter David Lloyd will be returning to work alongside this group on their radio skills in the future.
Excitingly, the zines will be held within the Notts Zine Library, accessible to the public for future generations to further explore the history of the building and the people that have used it.

You can view the NGY Zine by clicking the image on the right!