Support Ben on his artistic journey through America

Huge congratulations to Nottinghamshire YMCA’s Lead Youth Worker and Young Creatives Coordinator, Ben Felstead, on being awarded the Nottingham Roosevelt Memorial Scholarship!

Thanks to this award, Ben will be embarking on a six-week journey across the United States of America, visiting and studying a range of community groups and arts organisations to consider how these movements help the lives of their participants.

Nottingham Roosevelt Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship was established on 5 November 1946 by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Francis Carney. The objective was to recognise the great services given to Britain by the late Franklin Roosevelt as President of the United States of America during the Second World War, and to create a local living tribute to his memory.

The object of the Scholarship is to promote the study of American life and its people by granting travel and learning opportunities to young men and women. Winners of this honour are empowered to visit the USA to investigate a work-related topic of individual choice.

You can read the blogs of the 2017 scholars online to get a good idea of the kinds of amazing things that take place during the scholarship journey!

Ben will be bringing all of his new knowledge and experience back to Nottinghamshire YMCA to improve our own programmes for children and young people in Britain.

Supporting young people in Nottinghamshire

This is an amazing opportunity and comes with some funding for travel and accommodation, but Ben also needs to raise funds to cover all other expenses and make the most out of the trip.

If you would like to help Ben achieve his mission of bringing new arts skills and knowledge to young people in Nottinghamshire, we would be enormously grateful for any contributions (big or small!) to his Go Fund Me page.

Good luck Ben!