Goole Residents Embrace Adventure

Staff and residents at Goole have been out and about this past month


First up Goole staff and residents bravely took on the annual Humberside Police Night Walk challenge on March 16th, and their efforts were nothing short of inspiring!

The event is designed to build positive relationships with young people and the Police, and this year to raise awareness of the dangers of knife crime and county lines. Despite the wind, rain, and mud, our dedicated team, led by Scott Jackson and Tom Smith, embarked on a gruelling 8-hour, 12-mile journey through the night. They navigated through challenges based around a fictionalised crime, solving puzzles, honing communication skills, and showcasing exceptional teamwork every step of the way.


Humberside Police Night Walk Challenge


Congratulations to Leo, Ellie, Emily, and Ben for their unwavering determination and resilience, culminating in reaching the finish line! All four of them will be attending the prestigious awards ceremony on May 3rd at Brantingham Park in Hull.

Then following in their footsteps eight remarkable residents embarked on a thrilling 3-day outdoor adventure in the breathtaking landscapes of North Yorkshire Moors, coordinated through Peat Rigg Outdoor Centre.


Residents at the Peat Rigg Outdoor Centre


The trip aimed to inspire and transform young people through safe, inclusive, and exceptional outdoor educational activities and ultimately to have fun whilst pushing individual boundaries. Throughout the expedition, our residents exhibited extraordinary courage, resilience, and teamwork as they confronted their fears head-on, conquered challenges, and honed new skills along the way.

Hats off to our incredible residents for their unwavering spirit and to Peat Rigg Outdoor Centre for facilitating such an enriching experience.

Here’s to more adventures!