Building friendships with hammer and nails

Gary Sivier, Maintenance Joiner at Nottinghamshire YMCA, shares how working with the organisation has proved so much more than just a job by explaining what being part of our local charity movement means to him…

At Nottinghamshire YMCA, the communities and bonds nurtured through our varied services are all deeply rooted in the development of mind, body and spirit, and often form the basis of lasting support networks among staff and service users alike.

For Gary Sivier, joining the charity meant gaining some new lifelong friends.

Unexpected help from Nottinghamshire YMCA

In 2017, Gary moved to Nottingham looking for a change of pace to achieve a better work-life balance, which he found by taking on a position within the Maintenance team at Nottinghamshire YMCA.

Outside of work however, life wasn’t going so smoothly. Gary quickly identified that his new home featured an asbestos garage. Although the problem was safely removed and he built a new garage, Gary’s neighbours raised an issue with the local council about the height of the roof impacting their view. Under the law, the roof could be no higher than 2.5 metres.

“I casually mentioned the situation to my manager Craig Booth,” Gary explained.

‘My team is a family’

“One Saturday, unexpected help arrived in the guise of Craig, who was accompanied by the charity’s Lewis Wood, Errol Cameron and Stephen Morton – all of whom were armed with tools!

“Over 8 hours of hard graft in glorious sunshine, the roof was rebuilt to the right height.

“My responsibility and honesty to the council and my relieved respect to my colleagues and their caring nature have underlined those core values embedded in what we strive to achieve at Nottinghamshire YMCA.

“My team is not just a team, it’s a family.”