Gain More than a Qualification with YMCA Training Courses

Since January 2012, the YMCA has helped Angus become active again, lose 20kg of weight, gain a level 2 qualification in gym instructing and in September he completed the Robin Hood marathon!

Angus Filshie first got involved with the YMCA in January 2012 through their physical activity on referral service (PAoRS).

‘As well as helping me with my own health issues, as an osteopath I found I was learning from the instructors on how to encourage people to exercise at their own pace. The classes were also very friendly and enjoyable. There was a real community spirit, everybody would chat to each other.’

Angus also said he found the support from his instructor very encouraging and helped him stick to his goals.

After he completed PAoRS, Angus decided to enrol on the level 2 Gym Instructing course as part of his continuous professional development so he could begin to help his clients more dynamically. Angus is now looking into the level 3 personal training course to further his knowledge.

Angus said:

‘I am also doing the courses for my own personal interest. Fitness is a hobby of mine now and I always want to learn more about how to train others as well as myself.’

Since getting back into regular exercise, Angus’ health and fitness has dramatically increased and in September he ran the Robin Hood marathon in 4 hours 20 minutes!

Angus said:

‘My dream is to do the London marathon for charity next year.’

The YMCA fitness courses attract a variety of people looking to take their first steps into the fitness industry or gain accredited qualifications to support their studying. Said Ibeggazene, who is studying Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University, recently completed his level 3 Personal Training course with the YMCA and is now working at onesixeight:fitness on his university campus as a personal trainer!

Said commented that he would recommend the courses to others as:

‘I believe that the experience gained from working as a PT does help you relate what you are learning on a Sport and Exercise Science degree to real world scenarios which can really help to solidify your knowledge of training principles, basic psychology, and behavioural issues when making someone participate in exercise. It is also a great extra-curricular activity that helps you develop a wide range of organisational and people skills.’

Marijana Macis, a PhD student from Nottingham University, completed her level 2 gym instructing course in July and is now undertaking the course in nutrition before enrolling on level 3 personal training. Due to gaining formal qualifications, Marijana now teaches a number of exercise classes at Nottingham University and the YMCA gym!