New ‘Fair Pay Rate’ scheme for workers

Nottinghamshire YMCA is delighted to launch their ‘Fair Pay Rate’ scheme in a bid to promote social responsibility and a greater quality of life for local workers.

Standing against age discrimination

The new scheme, which came into effect from 1 May 2018, will ensure all contracted staff at the charity are paid a minimum of £8.75 per hour, regardless of their age or length of service (equivalent to £17,128.13 for full time workers). Additionally, all eligible contracted staff at the charity will receive a 2% pay increase from this date.

Dedicated to supporting youth development and healthy living through social responsibility, the charity pledges to stand against age discrimination and low pay by recruiting all contracted posts at this new minimum rate going forward under the ‘YMCA Fair Pay Rate’ agenda.

A real living wage

In April 2018, the National Living Wage was increased from £7.50 to £7.83 for those aged 25 and over, but it is Nottinghamshire YMCA’s belief that young people deserve equal pay to older employees for their hard work.

“It has long been an aspiration of our charity to ensure a fair basic pay rate which we know to be incredibly important to employees’ quality of life and sense of wellbeing,” said Will Wakefield, Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire YMCA.

“As a charity devoted to promoting youth development, it feels wrong to think that contracted young people should earn less than others for completing the same work solely based on their age.

“The Fair Pay Rate is a huge step for Nottinghamshire YMCA and has only been made possible due to the hard work, dedication and commitment of each and every staff member for which we are incredibly grateful.”

Listening to employees

This move was also introduced after feedback from a Best Companies Survey conducted by Nottinghamshire YMCA last year revealed that many of the organisation’s employees believed that, although work benefits were good, basic pay was a key deciding factor when considering job satisfaction.

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