Discover the history of NGY with YMCA Digital!


Our next exciting project will see YMCA Digital working with Heritage Lottery Foundation to uncover the History of NGY.

The project will support local young people to explore the heritage of the NGY Youth Centre (29-31 Castle Gate- Grade II listed building), its surroundings, and its historical context within Nottingham. The building has previously held a variety of uses including a cavalry barracks, hospital for women, Samaritan hospital and Radio Trent.

Young people will be researching and developing stories for the buildings history and producing an aural history archive around their findings, a video documentary exploring historical characters and stories and an online and printed brochure, which will be available both in the building and through the Tourist Information office.

The project will support young people to gain heritage research and media skills, allowing them to explore and archive the heritage of the NGY building for future generations, a building they feel a strong connection with.

As much as the project will be about the building, it will also be about the stories of the people and characters that have worked (and lived) within the building through its history.

We will be working alongside Heritage partners, local research specialists and local youth partners to support skills development of young people from a range of backgrounds and communities.

Stay tuned for more information! To get involved, contact the YMCA digital team at

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