Concern Over Rising Rates of Obesity in Nottinghamshire

The Nottingham Post reported that almost a quarter of a million people in Nottingham are overweight and that 60% of men, 50% of women and 25% of children will be obese by 2050.

This comes after news reported earlier this year that on average, it takes children 90 seconds longer to run a mile than their counterparts did 30 years ago.

Steve Wiggins, an author of the Overseas Development Institute’s report, attributed the cause of obesity to increased availability of processed food, advertising, media influences and a decrease in physical exercise. Wiggins recommended: “The challenge is to make healthy diets viable whilst reducing the appeal of foods which carry a less certain nutritional value.”

One suggestion made the by ODI is to tax fatty foods and sugary drinks, however there are fears that all this will reduce is people’s disposable income.

Habits causing obesity have become so common in our society that it may be that re-education of adults, and increased education of children about the importance of exercise and how to eat healthily, is what is needed to stop the number of obese people increasing.

People living outside of Nottingham City boundary are reported to be more at risk of being obese. Nottinghamshire YMCA are in the early stages of addressing this ‘postcode obesity’ by looking into providing more health and fitness services out in the county.

Nottinghamshire YMCA’s social responsibility is focussed on developing healthier and more connected communities by providing solutions and support for balanced healthy lifestyles in spirit, mind and body.

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