Christmas comes early for Frankie as a sensory outhouse is installed

Over the past 6 weeks, Frankie’s appeal has received over £4000 from generous donations by the YMCA, YMCA staff, board members, friends and family of Frankie.

Frankie’s sensory outhouse was generously provided by Extra Rooms, who supplied and built the outhouse at cost and Electrik Collective volunteered their time to wire the sensory room. The Remains Group also donated a bean bag of Frankie’s choice.

2 months ago, the Johnson’s were facing a bleak future of struggling to cope with Frankie’s condition, now, a week before Christmas, Frankie has a sensory room which she can access whenever she needs to. Frankie can now look forward to completing her A Levels and she is looking into doing a degree.

Thank you to everyone who donated to Frankie’s appeal.