‘Children in Need’ funds creative media project

YMCA Digital is delighted to confirm the charity will be delivering creative media sessions to support young people in Nottingham thanks to generous funding from Children In Need.

The group, which is run by Nottinghamshire YMCA, will offer two 4-hour, open-access, after-school sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to support young people to build confidence, increase social and transferable skills and to help them find their voice.

The programme will use a variety of digital media and expressive/creative arts activities to engage young people and enable them to experiment, develop and share their skills in activities they would not normally be able to access.

Activities range from internet MC skills, radio broadcasting, live performance, music and film to creative writing, storytelling and journalism.

It is only with the incredible support of Children In Need that YMCA Digital can open up these life-shaping opportunities to our young people.

“Our radio station will provide a platform to generate debate and facilitate a real and positive contrast to how young people are portrayed by the media and the general public,” explained Darren Goodlad, Youth Programme Manager at YMCA Digital.

“Participants will DJ and broadcast radio programmes with a website that will feature their own ‘chat-radio’ – expressing viewpoints through radio talk shows, youth-orientated news, music and film reviews, exhibiting youth music and other forms of youth expression.”

Within the sessions, young people will be supported in groups and one-to-one sessions, providing time for them to develop and share their skills with each other, whilst also developing their own confidence. Through group sessions young people will also provide peer support. 2 former beneficiaries will be employed as trainees.

To register interest, please email: studio@nottsymca.org.


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