Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022

YMCA Robin Hood Group is celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) by hosting free female-only fitness classes – workout with the knowledge you are helping to support formerly homeless young women in the process.

Our YMCA Gym invites YMCA staff and members of the public to ‘get fit, change lives’ during ‘Women Only Workouts’ on IWD2022 (Tuesday 8 March).

Non-members welcome!

Non-members are welcome to attend these free activities, though we ask for a suggested £2 donation or personal care items for women such as sanitary products, perfumes, body creams, toiletries (etc.) to support our female residents.

The activities will feature two classes just for women, including a female only Legs, Bums and Tums (LBT) class with Jessica (11.45am-12.30pm) followed by a Glute workshop with Emma (6pm-6.45pm), both on Tuesday 8 March. Classes are open to all women, and we warmly encourage participation from the LGBTQ+ communities.

‘Promoting diversity’

“Social responsibility has always been at the core of all our activities in the community,” said Emma Sleight, Fitness Advisor and Administrator for People & Culture (HR).

“Many people have a pre-conceived idea of the ‘type’ of person who attends a gym and what it takes to participate in an exercise class or training programme. Promoting diversity and challenging people’s expectations, especially on International Women’s Day, is so important to raise awareness of how our YMCA Gym spaces and classes are accessible for everyone.

“Whether you love to run once a week, attend daily CrossFit classes or simply hope to improve your nutrition with our personal trainers – anyone is welcome to join our community with the knowledge you are helping to support homeless young women in the process.”

Sign up

Book a class via the YMCA Gym app, pop into our reception on Shakespeare Street or online here: nottsymca.com/gym


With this year’s IWD theme being #BreakTheBias, we also hope you will join us in sharing on social media (tagging @nottsymca) a photo of your teams striking the national awareness campaign’s ‘Break the Bias’ pose to help champion for an equal, equitable and inclusive world that is free from bias, stereotypes and discrimination.

Learn how to get involved here: https://www.internationalwomensday.com/Theme

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