Bring a friend to our day camps for free!

Nottinghamshire YMCA is debuting the charity’s ‘Bring a Friend’ programme at Camp Williams this summer.

More the merrier!

Children aged 4-7 will be able to bring a friend, of the same age, to experience Camp Williams for one whole day.

Day camps are all about making friends and learning new skills together in a fun, positive environment. Representatives from Nottinghamshire YMCA said that they wanted as many children to experience camp as possible this summer, so created the programme to encourage campers to bring along their buddies.

Parents can book a full week of Camp Williams (Kids Zone ages 4-7) for their children, who will then be able to bring a friend with them to attend the first day of the week for free. They will play camp games, take part in rallies, go swimming, play sports, sing songs, make crafts together and have a whale of a time!

Kids Zone village

Steffen Benbow, Camps and Adventure Service Manager, said: “Camp Williams is a place where friendships are formed and memories are made which last a lifetime!

“Our Kids Zone village helps children to build their foundations so that they are happy and confident. We believe that positive relationships, skills and experiences help young people to make healthy choices and positive contributions to society in later life.’

Book now

Book today and your child can bring their special friend with them to share the experience of Camp Williams together! To find out more about the Bring a Friend scheme, visit the website and conditions apply).

To book Camp Williams, please call 01157117006, or visit the website to find out more: