The rains came down and the floods came up

Ruth Webster in Nepal July 2019

Nottinghamshire YMCA is pleased to be sponsoring past employee Ruth Webster as she embarks on working as a Communication Advisor based in Kathmandu. Her work will improve the communication of the United Mission to Nepal, with their International partners, supporting projects that help the most poor, vulnerable and marginalised in Nepal.


Ruth shares her blog entry below…

In Kathmandu valley our monsoon had a bit of a false start. But two weeks after the first day of rains it was definitely here – we had incessant rain on Friday 12th July.

After a few hours the water was flowing down the road, then creating a waterfall into the badminton court (which is now covered in mud), then into my family’s land (and flooding their old house – see photo). We also had a power cut all day so even the back-up ran out by the evening! And we ran out of water in the taps because the pump to the roof tank needs electricity.

These were minor inconveniences. Parts of Kathmandu were severely flooded. At least 11 people died. In the hills it means landslides blocking roads – my flatmate was stuck in Okhaldunga for an extra week waiting for the road to become safe enough.

The Tarai has been the worst affected. That’s the flat, fertile land in the south bordering India. Homes, cropland and livestock have been destroyed. As of now, across Nepal 115 people have died, at least 18,000 homes destroyed or damaged and over 17,000 households were displaced – at least 75,000 people. And across north India and Bangladesh millions of others have been affected, including Rohinga refugees.

Has any of this reached your news feed?

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