Black History Month: PROUD TO BE

Proud-To-Be-campaignThis October, Nottinghamshire YMCA is proud to be supporting Black History Month (BHM) 2021, with this year’s campaign theme being ‘PROUD TO BE’ in advocation of ‘representation, identity and diversity’.


Inspired by the 2020 Black Lives Matter events, this new campaign invites Black and Brown people of all ages throughout the UK to share what they are ‘Proud To Be’. For example, ‘Proud To Be Black’, ‘Proud To Be Black and LGBTQ+’, ‘Proud To Be Me’, ‘Proud To Be a BHM ally’ (etc.).

BHM is a powerful time to celebrate diversity. So whether you are a Black YMCA staff member, young person or campaign ally – we urge you to share on social media what you are ‘Proud To Be’ and how you are making history in your own way in line with this theme, within and outside of the YMCA. Remember to tag @nottsymca and #ProudToBe.

For Nottinghamshire YMCA, we are ‘Proud To Be’ an inclusive Employer and BHM ally whose commitment to championing diversity and social inclusion in the workplace is of absolute importance.

Proud to be 2021Let us encourage staff who feel discriminated against in the workplace to come forward and speak either to their line manager or HR, as our movement wants to hear what people have to say. Above all, we want to ensure staff members who identify as Black to feel empowered, recognised and supported in all environments of our community, workplace and otherwise.

Combatting racism together

This month, we will also be taking the time to honour the numerous too-often unheralded achievements of Black Britons who have played and continue to play an invaluable role in our society.

If the Black Lives Matter campaign has shown anything, it is that there is still work to be done to combat racism in our society but, most importantly, there are strong and caring individuals working together to make positive change happen. We each have a role to play to build the society we want to see for our children – so let’s get started.

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