Believe in yourself and chase your dreams’

Avid campers Daniel Horsfall and Lilly-Blossom Horsfall spend almost every school holiday tackling new skill clinics at YMCA Camp Williams, with big hopes for their futures.

Having progressed through Camp Williams from Kids Zone (4 -7 years), Daniel and Lilly-Blossom are currently in the Explorer and Discovery Groups at the programme, based at Emmanuel School in West Bridgford.

Science of dissection!

When they first came to camp, the siblings attended together and would not have had the courage to attend the sessions separately. Now, the duo would be more than happy to come along as individuals to play with their new friends and chat merrily to the Camp Leaders.

In addition to growing in confidence with each session, Daniel and Lilly-Blossom have also been inspired to try new things and to pursue their own dreams – trying a number of different skill clinics from skateboarding to science, where they learned about the delicacies of dissecting fish!

Daniel has always wanted to be an inventor; Camp Williams has shown him anything is possible when your believe in yourself, and now he is more driven than ever to chase his dreams for the future.

‘Growing horizons’

Coming to Camp Williams has also helped the Horsfalls to develop new friends with children who come from a range of different backgrounds. Campers come from various schools and different walks of life, with their horizons growing constantly.

“Daniel and Lilly-Blossom love getting to try new things that they can’t really do at school or at home,’ said father Lea.

“It gives them a real sense of adventure and drive. Whether they are canoeing or singing songs at Camp Fire Friday, they are always doing something new and pushing their comfort zones while being in a safe environment and having lots of fun!”

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