Are you up for a challenge?

This week’s gym challenge is brought to you by our Member Adviser, Emma. Its pretty tough this week. Let us know how you get on via our facebook and twitter pages. You can ask any member of the team about the exercises and for useful tips at reception. See you soon!

Cardio section

5km run

10km cycle

Interval section – 4 mins

Press-ups – 20 seconds

Mountain climbers (plank position, bringing alternate legs towards your chest) – 10 seconds

Abs section – 4mins

The Sprinter – (Lie with legs and feet off the floor. Bring alternate knees to chest whilst twisting your torso) – 20 seconds

Rest – 10 seconds

Legs section- 4mins

Squat jumps – 20 seconds

Squat thrusts (plank position; bring both legs in towards chest) -10 seconds

Good Luck!