88% Cut in Youth Services Funding in Nottingham: Urgent Call from YMCA


YMCA’s latest ‘On the Ropes’ report found that funding for youth services have been cut significantly across England and Wales since 2010. Across Nottinghamshire, there has been a 63% decrease in real-terms youth funding, rising to an 88% decrease in Nottingham.¹




But what does that mean for young people in Nottinghamshire?

Youth services are asset-building, which means they actively help young people to build the skills and qualities that help them with future independence, employment, and happiness.

Building assets increases a young person’s chances of social mobility, which benefits young people in really important ways²:

  • More likely to achieve at least 5 GCSEs
  • Better chances of attending university
  • More likely to earn above the National Living Wage in adulthood
  • Less likely to become homeless, or live in unsecure housing

Cuts to youth services puts these at risk.


Every young person should have access to youth services in their area, all year round.

That’s why YMCA Robin Hood Group run not-for-profit youth activities, holiday clubs and after-school childcare across Nottinghamshire, all accessible through Scholarships for families who may otherwise not be able to afford it.

Our programmes are designed to build young people’s assets, so they have what they need to discover who they are and what they can become.


What can I do?

Small actions can make a big difference in getting youth services back on the agenda, and helping local young people to access the services they deserve.



¹’On the Ropes’ report by YMCA England and Wales, 2024

²’State of the Nation’ by Social Mobility Commission, 2017