Thomas the trainee.

Thomas started his Level 2 Gym Instructing course in September, and will be going on to do Level 3 Personal Training and an indoor group cycling qualification. We caught up with him yesterday to see how his placement is going.

What has the placement involved so far?

The training side has been lots of theory work in the classroom which I have really enjoyed. I’m surprised I’m enjoying the theory so much as I normally prefer to work practically, but the subject is really interesting and Alex teaches it really well. I’ve learnt a lot more than I expected to in such a short space of time.

The work in the gym has been very enjoyable. I’ve been demonstrating equipment with the members and talking to them about their fitness routine. As the gym is brand new with all new equipment, I think the members need a little bit more help at the moment than they would have done before, so it’s a great time to start my placement. The gym always has a comfortable, friendly atmosphere; all the staff and members are very friendly.

Why did you want to do this work placement?

I finished school and started doing public services at college but I really didn’t enjoy it. I decided I wanted to be a personal trainer and this work placement allows me to do a range of qualifications as well as get hands on experience in a gym.

What are you looking forward to doing in your placement?

I can’t wait to start learning how to teach classes and do my Level 3 Personal Training course which will be a lot more hands on.

Top tip for future applicants:

Make sure you’re a customer friendly and calm person. Everyone around you may be working out, but the atmosphere is never stressful.