#TheGames – week 5

3 more challenges to go for #TheGames. This week we’re asking how long it takes you to cycle 10km…

YMCA gym challenge – week 5 – Cycle 10km for time.

1. Adjust the bike so you can sit in a comfortable position.

2. Start standing next to your bike.

3. Set the resistance on the bike to level 8.

When you are ready – start the clock.

4. Get on the bike and cycle until you reach 10km (10,000 metres). Try and achieve this in the best time you can.

4. Your score counts as the number of seconds you take to achieve the distance.

5. Record the length of time you achieve. Fill in a score card and give it to reception.

You can resubmit your score as often as you like before the 28th November 2014.

Watch out for #TheGames on Saturday 29th November 2014 at YMCA gym.



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