#TheGames – week 4

This Autumn we launched #TheGames. 7 weeks, 7 challenges. Get involved with all 7 and let us know your scores!

YMCA gym challenge – week 4 – Plank for time.

1. Start in position on the floor. Toes and elbows in contact with floor. Elbows should be in position directly below the shoulders.

When you are ready – start the clock.

2. Maintain the plank. You should be able to ‘draw’ a straight line through tour heels, hips and shoulders.

3. Stop the clock as soon as your form breaks.

4. Your score counts as the number of seconds you can hold the plank pose for.

5. Record the length of time you achieve. Fill in a score card and give it to reception.

You can resubmit your score as often as you like before the 28th November 2014.

Watch out for #TheGames on Saturday 29th November 2014 at YMCA gym.



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