#TheGames – week 2

This Autumn we launched a new gym challenge. Get involved and share your scores with us and each other. Pick up a score card from the gym desk!

Standards for week 2 – Box jumps for 1min.

1. Set your Reebok step at maximum height (see the video).

2. Start in standing still in front of a step.

When you are ready – start the clock.

3. Jump! Both feet must leave the floor at the same time.

4. Land with both feet on top of the step at the same time.

5. On top of the box ensure that you extend your hips and knees (stand up straight), before jumping off.

6. Return to a starting position, landing on the floor in front of the step.

7. Each time you stand up straight on top of the step counts as one rep.

8. Record the number of jumps you achieve. That is your score. Fill in a score card and give it to reception.

If you are unable to jump – step up and step down instead (see video) and write the word ‘scaled’ next to your score.

You can resubmit your score as often as you like before the 28th November 2014.

Watch out for #TheGames on Saturday 29th November 2014 at YMCA gym.



You can still submit your times for week one. Row 1km #TheGames – http://youtu.be/FGJjD_KRxHQ