“We’re saying thank you” at YMCA gym

– Dan Orange, Nottinghamshire YMCA

I’ve been Operations Manager for Health and Leisure at Nottinghamshire YMCA, and by association with YMCA gym, for 6 years. In this time, we’ve welcomed thousands of faces from all over Nottingham with one goal in common; to be fitter and healthier than when they walked in. We’ve introduced many different classes over the years, experimented with different offers and changed the aesthetics of our gym considerably to meet the needs of our members.

It’s always been important to us to be as true to our members as possible. I think it’s about time we really recognised that, and them. We get a lot of positive feedback, in particular on the community feel of YMCA gym – the team’s friendliness, openness and dedicated approach to every individual. Of course this is not just down to the staff; it’s down to the people who come to the gym and work out; regularly (in fact- you can work out at our gym 24/7!).

Our current campaign is a celebration of the real people who make our gym . It’s much more than a call out for new members over New Year. It’s a warm welcome into our community. Come and be part of our team.

Last year the national YMCA movement launched their BeReal campaign, which aims to change attitudes to body image and help all of us put health above appearance. We fully support this. So, when the Marketing and Communications team sat down with us to plan our next campaign, we were looking to practice what we preach and showcase our real members, in their real skin.

The photoshoot in December was great. There was a proper buzz from our members; sharing stories, achievements and future goals. We have a really diverse membership who all train at different times with different people for different reasons… so it was brilliant to be able to bring all of that together and capture it in one moment.

I hope that as well as showing YMCA gym as authentic when it comes to attitudes on fitness, the campaign will encourage all walks of life to come through our doors to share their aspirations and learn from us – as well as helping us to learn from them.

We have a great team of fitness professionals here who know their stuff. I can say that confidently after 19 years in the health and fitness industry.

Our team couldn’t do it without the members, whose dedication and enthusiasm is truly inspiring – that’s why they’re front and centre of this campaign – we’re saying thank you.

Watch this space, as there is much more to come from YMCA gym.

– Dan Orange, Operations Manager for Health and Leisure at Nottinghamshire YMCA

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