PAoRS delivers new husband

Our Physical Activity on Referral Scheme (PAoRS) has been established for over 8 years. Nottinghamshire YMCA’s instructors have developed specific programmes to rehabilitate Nottinghamshire’s residents with medical problems; from diabetes to depression. Kersti Fourcin (PR & Comms) took some time to learn more about Terry’s and Jean’s story, and their experience of the cardiac rehab programme.

Terry, 76, is a retired taxi driver from Nottingham. A few years ago he was diagnosed with heart problems and damage to his spine. He had to use a wheelchair for day-to-day movement and relied heavily on wife Jean to carry out his daily chores. After seeing a physio for several months, it was suggested that physical activity could help Terry get back on his feet again. “Terry was never an active person anyway” says Jean, “but the physio suggested this to stop him from seizing up.” Terry’s GP referred him into a 12 week cardiac rehab programme with YMCA Nottinghamshire.

Adam Cheetham was assigned as Terry’s PAoRS Instructor and helped Terry to write a programme tailored specifically for him. Terry attended the cardiac rehab class once a week for 12 weeks and Jean, who describes herself as ‘a grandma to everyone’ went along to support him. Adam describes the first 6 weeks of Terry’s involvement in the programme: “the first 6 weeks were a massive improvement. By week 6 he was trampolining independently”. For many people, its taking the first step that is the hardest. Whether that’s asking your GP for help, attending your first class or managing your first 10 minutes of independent exercise. Jean said that Adam had given her “a new husband.”

When Terry started the PAoRS programme he was using two sticks to get from A to B, now he hardly needs to use one. Terry explains that he is incredibly happy to have his independence back. Every morning he walks to their local shop for the paper; a vast improvement on pre-PAoRS. “He carries the stick, the stick doesn’t carry him” says Jean. The physio has really noticed a difference too.

Now that the 12 week programme is over, the couple are more active than ever. Having chosen to become members of the gym, they now visit us 3 times a week. Adam has written a programme for each of them and offers them regular advice and support when they need it. The gym offers them both flexibility and structure and Terry quite likes the music our team play in the cardio room. The couple even have plans to use other gyms on trips around the country. That’s before they jet off to Turkey, a favourite holiday spot of theirs, to enjoy walks along the beach now that Terry is feeling so much better.

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